About Oxy Pulling

Oxy Pulling is a brand from Garner's Garden, a company founded by entrepreneur Philip Garner in 2012. Then again, it wasn't just his knowledge of business strategies that encouraged Philip to put up Garner's Garden. He is focused on "Healing the World," which happens to be the motto of Garner's Garden. In fact, Philip relates that he came up with the idea for the company after meditating. The company is the perfect outlet for Philip's passion for healthy living.
Garner's Garden takes pride in using natural ingredients such as peppermint and tea tree oil for its skin care products. These products likewise help the body detoxify from chemicals and preservatives. Apart from producing all-natural skin care products, Garner's Garden also ventured into oral care with its Remineralizing Tooth Powder and Natural Fluoride free Mouthwash.
With the development of its Oxy Pulling line, Garner's Garden has formally branched out to oral care. Aside from being fluoride free, Oxy Pulling Tooth Powder and Oxy Pulling Mouthwash do not have alcohol ingredients added to them. Instead, they are infused with oxygen that makes them highly absorptive. Thus, they are able to easily draw out any residue or get rid of a stain.
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