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Oxy Pulling BUNDLE

Nobody appreciates the burning sensation that you get when you use commercially available mouthwashes. Garner's Garden has specially formulated our an anti-bacterial mouthwash that not only provides long fresh breath, but it also acts as a way to reduce cavities, gingivitis, and gum disease. Along with the mouthwash, Garner's Garden has developed a remineralizing tooth powder that fights against bad breath and helps remineralize and detoxify your mouth. Purchase these two products together in our special oral care package!

$12.99 – $16.98

Upgrade to Organic
Neem Powder & Organic Peppermint Powders!
Benefits of ingredients used:

Organic Neem Powder: This is one of the most effective ingredients for the overall prevention and protection of your oral health. Neem will help with soothing irritations, reducing inflammation, and will also act as an astringent for the tightening of gum tissues.

Organic Peppermint Powder: Naturally combats against bad breath, whitens teeth, and soothes gums. This powder does not provide flavor. For flavor, please pair this product with our mouthwash - the two products were meant to be used in conjunction with each other.

Organic Tooth Powder

2 oz or 4 oz | Remineralizing Organic Tooth Powder – what in the world is organic tooth powder?? Garner's Garden has developed an organic tooth whitener that doubles as an effective oral deodorizer that focuses on not masking oral odor, but rather adsorbing (yes, aDsorbing) odor causing bacteria that resides in your mouth. It will also assist in whitening your teeth over a period of time. Pair this product with Garner's Garden Antibacterial Mouthwash for the most effective results.

Natural Mouthwash

Garner’s Garden all natural mouthwash is fluoride free and made with 3% or 1.5% Food Grade H202 which will assist in healing a variety of dental issues such as: cavities, gingivitis, gum disease, etc. Our natural mouthwash is not only antibacterial, it is also antiviral, anti-fungal and it whitens teeth naturally! The peppermint and tea tree essential oil is a great remedy for bad breath and inflammation of the mouth and throat. For best results with our natural mouthwash, use the directions below as a healthier substitute to toothpaste. *This product DOES NOT contain fluoride (which is a good thing!).


Prevents and reverses gum disease

Prevents cavities and tooth decay

Naturally whitens

Oxy Pulling is a brand from Garner's Garden, a company known for producing all-natural skin care products. Garner's Garden takes great pride in using all-natural ingredients for all its products. First and foremost, the Oxy Pulling Tooth Powder and Oxy Pulling Mouthwash are fluoride free. They are organic tooth cleansers with antibacterial properties. 
In the past, fluoride was most definitely the favorite buzzword in the ads for oral care products. It was being highlighted as a substance that cleaned and strengthened teeth. That's not exactly the case anymore. These days, people fear that fluoride may be doing them more harm than good. The Oxy Pulling Tooth Powder and Oxy Pulling Mouthwash also do not have alcohol ingredients added to them. They owe their potency to their high oxygen content, which makes them very absorptive. This makes them ideal for removing stains on the teeth since they are not abrasive.
The Oxy Pulling oral care line is part of the Garner's Garden vision of healthy living for everyone. They are perfect for people who want to make a conscious effort to use only organic or all-natural products for their oral care.

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