Why Oxy Pulling?

Oxy Pulling:

20 minutes swishing around coconut oil in your mouth – every morning? I have tried it, and I failed. I know the health benefits outweigh the inconvenience factor of it, but the inconvenience factor outweighed my patience. There has to be something else out there that does just a good of a job, if not better. Asking myself these questions, I realized that I had the key to this mystery in the palm of my hands already; it was Garner’s Garden H2O2 antibacterial natural mouthwash and remineralizing tooth powder. The bonus factor was that I only had to swish the two products around in my mouth for 20-30 seconds – oxy pulling is fantastic and it actually WORKS!

“On average, people in the 16-19 age group have 11.6% of all teeth affected by decay at one time. This steadily increases, and by the time adults are over 60, more than half of their teeth (62.36%) have been affected by decay. A total of 93.1% of all people over the age of 60 have had teeth affected by tooth decay.” (nourishedmagazine.com.au)

Why does it only take 30 seconds for oxy pulling to work? The simple reason is that the mouthwash contains an extra molecule of oxygen! Oxy pulling is a great alternative to expensive oral procedures and products that promise to fight against tooth decay, but only add to the problem. 1—3% H2O2 actually works to repair the cavities and hardens the enamel on teeth to prevent cavities from forming and a host of other oral ailments. Not only does oxy pulling fight against tooth decay, it strengthens teeth, fights bacteria in the mouth, prevents gum disease, receding gums, bleeding gums, and also assists in the healing of canker sores.

Along with the antibacterial natural mouthwash, Garner’s Garden re-minieralizing tooth powder contains  ingredients such as, bentonite clay, remineralizing kaolin clay, activated charcoal, baking soda plus optional organic neem and organic peppermint powders.  These ingredients used in this tooth powder will supplement the awesome benefits of the antibacterial natural mouthwash during your oxy pulling session. The detoxifying bentonite clay and activated charcoal will act as a “puller” that will trap and extract toxins and bacteria from your mouth. While the deodorizing effect that the baking soda has, coupled with its natural ability to whiten teeth makes this an essential ingredient for oxy pulling.  The organic neem and peppermint powder will help sooth oral irritation, reduce inflammation, and will also act as an astringent for the tightening of gum tissues.

30 seconds of oxy pulling twice a day  vs 20 minutes of oil pulling – you decide!
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